Many Studies have shown that people who pray regularly are happier and healthier than before and that prayer has some very practical benefits.

In a busy, stressful, complex and changing world prayer allows us space, a time of peace, to be still and reflect on what is happening in our lives. In prayer we are making a connection with God, we place ourselves in a humble position and realise that there is something greater than us, something ultimate to praise, someone to whom we can give thanksgiving for all that is good.

Prayer also allows us to reflect on the things we have done wrong, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive others who have wronged us. In a life where we can become weighed down by the past and anxiety for the future, prayer in faith unburdens us. In prayer we ask for our own restoration and seek guidance for our everyday lives, it also inspires us to look out to the needs of others rather than concentrate solely on ourselves.

Prayer is an act of hope and faith  

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