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  1. August 14: Luke 12:49-53

    NKJV Key Verse: Luke 12:52
    For from now on five in one house will be divided: three against two, and two against three. Cross referencesLuke 12:52 : Matt. 10:35; Mark 13:12

    How often do you have a difference of opinion with a family member? How often do you argue about silly things in life? How often do you stand your ground on the more important things in life – like believing in Christ!

    I have learned a long time ago it is quite normal to have a difference of opinion with family members, and one of the strongest differences may well be your beliefs, after all that makes us different from them! Jesus knows our beliefs will not just make us think differently but also cause many arguments in our lives; but just because there are going to be arguments does not mean we should give in and allow people to persuade us otherwise.

    You don’t have to have big fights about your beliefs. You don’t have to fall out with your family just because you believe in Christ – but think about Peter and Christ. Peter was willing to give in to peer pressure and say he was not a believer just so He would not get drawn into the punishment Jesus was facing. We can agree to disagree. We can stand up for our beliefs. We can share our beliefs.

    Jesus wants us to stand up and admit to our faith in Him and not to give in to peer pressure saying we don’t believe just to stop the arguments from happening. Have you ever had someone say they are not your friend just to not get drawn into an argument with others? This is what it is like for Jesus every time we give in… Stand up and be counted!

    Points to Ponder:
    Do you stand up to your faith?

    Do you stand up for Christ?

  2. August 13: Matthew 19:13-15

    NKJV Key Verse: Matthew 19:14
    But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

    Sometimes it is the brevity of words which makes the biggest impact on us; sometimes it is the meditation upon those words after we have heard them which changes our lives. Going through each of the epistles teaches us how we are all different but also how we are very similar or the same.

    When the people brought their children to see Jesus, probably hoping for blessings and healing, the disciples began to rebuke them… this was a society which was adult and male centred! The Jewish ways upheld the man as the head of the household and children did not have much say until they became adults; little wonder the disciples did what they did!

    But Jesus’ reaction was so very different. He wanted the children to come to Him because they had an innocence about them which the adults had all but lost! They were willing to accept what was being told to them as the truth, often without question. The adults were the ones questioning everything and ruining many things through pride and greed…

    Jesus wanted society to go back to being as innocent as young children, willing to listen and learn, willing to accept what they were being told as the truth. Children will always question things when they hear two different instructions preferring to listen to their parents. This is how we should be, but listening to our Father in Heaven as our ultimate parent giving us the truth. If we can be more like that, we can learn more!

    Points to Ponder:
    Who do you listen to in your life?

    Will you trust the Words of God a bit more today?

  3. August 12: Matthew 19:3-9

    NKJV Key Verse: Matthew 19:6
    So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

    When people take these verses and use them against couples who do not fit the exact words said here I get upset. God wants us to know His word, to hold His word deep in our hearts, but also to understand what love is! The wording used here is said as such because the Pharisees started off by using those words – they were trying to trap Jesus into saying something which the law, as they saw it, would not agree!

    Instead Jesus repeated their words and told them the truth. They then called out Jesus because Moses had given them laws about getting a divorce and wanted to know why Moses was given divorce laws from God. Jesus then had to remind them it was because of their own hard hearts which the laws had to be made for… it was because of mankind's shortcomings that the divorce laws had to be made!

    God wants us to find out about love and stick with love. He doesn’t want us to follow the route of lust or infatuation because they are bound by human wants instead of our needs. God knows we can live long and happy lives when we do follow the love He teaches us about, the love which makes people come together and stay together.

    Too many people read the words of the bible and make up their own laws because they think they know better than the original authors. Unfortunately we don’t always get translations correct because we don’t know the minds of the people who wrote the letters we now take as our Bibles. God wants us to trust Him and listen out for His instructions through the Holy Spirit rather than jumping to conclusions based on words we think should be there!

    Points to Ponder:
    How often do you read your bible?

    How often do you stop to listen out for God after reading?

  4. August 11: Psalm 78:58-62

    NKJV Key Verse: Psalm 78:59
    When God heard this, He was furious,And greatly abhorred Israel,

    Do you often think what God thinks of you? Do you worry He is cross because of what you have done in your past? When we read verses like these in our Bibles, it can be the trigger which sets off feelings like this; it can be what makes us think God has rejected us. But we must remember what Christ has done for us and realise where God stands in this.

    God is holy. He cannot abide sin. Does this mean we are done for before we start? Far from it because of what Christ has done for us. This is not an automatic get out of jail card we can play whenever we feel like it, but it is a get out of jail card! God was angry with Israel because they were unrepentant with what they were doing. They had turned their backs on God and were following other gods and idols. This angered God to the point where He was ready to reject Israel altogether.

    What we need to realise is Jesus has made the bridge between us being excluded from Heaven and us being with God in Heaven. The bridge is there for us to cross, but we do still have to make the choice to cross the bridge! It is not an automatic thing where we will be pulled over the bridge even if we don’t do anything… we need to make the choice to ask Jesus for help to cross that bridge.

    When we make that choice, it should be reflected in our lives to show we have made the conscious choice to do so. If we say we have made the choice but never commit to the choice, then we are only fooling ourselves because God sees the truth in our hearts. If we think we are too guilty to cross the bridge we are wrong. Jesus went to the cross to make sure every one of us is eligible to cross that bridge through our own choice!

    Points to Ponder:
    Do you get scared you have been too bad?

    Do you know Jesus gave 100% for us and that is more than good enough?

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