Becoming a follower of Jesus is much like making a wedding vow or a promise. It is a decision not to be taken lightly and like a marriage it requires commitment.

The Jesus life is rewarding offering us love, hope and peace but also it is a challenge in which personal change will take place. If you would like to take Jesus into your heart please say the following prayer of commitment. 


Thank you God for loving me, Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me, I ask that you forgive me for those things i have done wrong as i forgive those who have wronged me. Jesus come into my heart, i give my life to you. Please fill me with your love and grace through the power of your holy spirit that i may follow your way.  Amen 


A- To grow spiritually you will need to develop a life of prayer and begin reading the bible. Take time to find a Church who will encourage you in your new faith, ask lots of questions through joining a Church home study group or undertake an Alpha course. There will be parts of the bible that you may find difficult to understand but this is not uncommon even for mature believers. However long you have been a Christian there is always something new and interesting to deliberate and learn.

Be aware that Jesus is inspiring you to love others just as he does and over time respond to Gods purpose for your life. 

The resources on this site are here to help you on your journey and please e mail us with any questions you may have 



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